LG Program 2Our centre was designed and built to be a childcare facility keeping the children’s developmental needs and interests in mind.

You will see as you tour our centre that we designed the rooms with children in mind. Our washrooms are child-sized to ensure a safe environment as well as to provide the children with the opportunity to develop confidence as they complete the toileting routine on their own. Children do not have to be toilet-trained to enter our toddler program.

We have three programs at Learning Grove Childcare centre: a toddler program, a preschool program and an after-school program, recognizing the uniqueness of each age group.

  • Toddler program is for children 18 months to 3 years
  • Preschool program is for children 3 to 5 years
  • After-school program is for children 5 to 12 years.LG Program 1

All aspects of a child’s development are equally important in our program. Children gain school readiness in a variety of ways, accomplished by providing a balance between child-initiated and teacher-directed activities.



Through our programs, the children will gain or have opportunity to:

  • Follow a routineLG Program 3
  • Learn to express their emotions appropriately
  • Take initiative and build competence
  • Solve conflicts in productive ways
  • Make choices
  • Gain exposure to language and related concepts
  • Develop fine control, math skills, and exposure to numbers
  • Develop self-help skills
  • Learn to take turns
  • Develop gross motor skills

We provide an all-inclusive program that meets the needs of every child, regardless of age, stage, culture, or need.


Each year in August, as children complete the pre-school program and prepare to move onto elementary school, Learning Grove holds a graduation ceremony at one of the local churches.

Parents have the opportunity to purchase grad caps and a graduation DVD


“Excellent Job! My child has repeatedly asked me to come back…As he wants to stay longer! I am so pleased to have such a high quality facility with such top notch staff!” – Parent