Parent Participation

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The parent-caregiver relationship is essential to the child’s well-being.  A mutual respect is needed to share ideas, concerns and suggestions for the child’s benefit. We strive to establish good, cooperative working relationships with all parents to make them feel welcome.


At Learning Grove, we practice an open door policy. If a parent wishes to observe his or her child during the day they are encouraged to do so, providing it does not cause stress to the child.

Parent Participation is welcomed and encouraged. Parent meetings are held four times per year. The centre plans a variety of extra-curricular activities; parents are encouraged to take part in outings and activities held by the centre (e.g. skating, swimming, field trips).

Parents are asked to participate in fundraising. Parents are welcome to sit on the advisory committee or fundraising planning committee. Parent suggestions are always welcome.

Please feel free to view a copy of our Learning Grove Parent Policy