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Family Literacy Program

Through the Family Literacy program, adults improve their own literacy skills, as well as those of their children. Many of our adult learners have children, and the skills learned through their own programs can often help them in the support of their children’s literacy skills and education. Using appropriate materials and offering direct opportunities to become involved in their child’s literacy development helps adults obtain skills that are meaningful in the context of family literacy.

“Family literacy programs that offer instruction to parents and children together are more successful in raising adult literacy levels than traditional Adult Basic Education programs.” (Philliber, Spillman, and King, 1996)

DALA endeavours to put families in touch with programs at the library as well as use our reading resources and books from our library. We anticipate that as the learners and their families begin to read at home, and as they become more immersed in the project and its various activities, that there will be many questions, and requests for support for the individual learners and their families.

The Family Literacy program currently runs three nights a week from late September to June each year.


Monday’s – Clark Rutherford School in Cornwallis

Tuesday’s – Learning Grove Childcare Centre in Digby

Wednesday’s – Digby Neck Consolidated School in Sandy Cove


Youth Worx Student Employment

YW1The Youth Worx Student Employment program started as a pilot project in September 2012. The program aims to provide youth of both the Annapolis and Digby areas with the skills and resources necessary to find casual and summertime employment during their high school years. We emphasize the importance of completing work-like activities, whether through a job or through volunteer work. By involving youth in the early years, it is hoped that youth will form a strong work ethic that they can take with them when they enter the workforce upon completion of school.

The program focuses on the operation of two (2) student employment offices located at the Annapolis West Education Centre and the Digby Regional High School. Here students can use resources available to see what suitable employment opportunities are available. The program Coordinator seeks out these opportunities and makes students aware. The program does not support the notion of leaving school to pursue employment however, it only promotes opportunities that are feasible during the youth’s high school career.

Youth also have the opportunity to receive employment related training under this program. Courses such as First Aid, WHMIS, Babysitting, Food Handlers, Traffic Control and others are covered under this program.YW2

For students who are not employed, we encourage and promote participation in local volunteer community projects. We research the needs for volunteers in the community, and make arrangements for youth to help out where ever possible. We even provide the materials required in some cases to complete the community projects.

The program currently operates all year; however, the student employment offices at the two high schools close in the summer time.

Periodic Programs

DALA has a history of providing a number of other programs that operate periodically. These programs only operate when there is a call for proposals and operate at different times during the year and for different lengths of time.

Check out the Latest News section of our main page to see when new programs are upcoming.

Our most common programs that we offer periodically are:

  • Labour Essentials
  • Age Advantage
  • Ready to Work (Hospitality)
  • Skills Essential to the Workforce