Beliefs and Values of DALA

Our Mission Statement

“To promote and facilitate life-long learning opportunities that support individual success.”

Our Vision

DALA will strive to create equality of opportunity for individuals and families by being creative and flexible in responding to individual learning needs.

DALA will strive to provide continuous programming with a goal of increasing individual self-esteem and community prosperity.

Our Values

DALA believes that:

  1. Every community member should have the same access to learning resources and tools necessary to obtain meaningful employment.
  2. There is a strong relationship between continuous education and meaningful employment.
  3. Every person deserves the opportunity for personal development and achievement of his or her potential.
  4. Education and employment provides opportunities for individuals to develop themselves and the community.
  5. Quality programs and services are in the best interests of the client.

Trust, honesty, passion and commitment are obligations on the part of staff and board in their respective roles.